When Andie joined PPO Advisors in 2020 as a client coordinator, she quickly became the go-to person for questions about technology.

Now Andie has taken on the role of Software Integration Specialist, where she uses her technology skills to help clients navigate software systems and implement changes for her colleagues.

Andie’s new IT responsibilities and the opportunity to troubleshoot problems for clients and colleagues is an example of what she likes most about working at a small business; she gets to know everyone and do a little bit of everything.

Prior to PPO Advisors, Andie worked as a paralegal at a law firm in Kansas City. She is currently working to earn a degree in Software Engineering as an online student at Liberty University, and is on track to graduate in the spring of 2022

Never one to shy from a challenge, Andie previously completed a solo climb of Pike’s Peak. Perhaps even more challenging has been training her German Shepherd puppy. Whether hiking a trail or walking her dog, Andie likes to listen to Jimmy Buffett, and shares his philosophy that it takes no more time to see the good side of life than the bad.