A Flat Rate Might Sound Good

– But Be Sure You Know Your ROI

When you pay a flat fee up front, how do you know what your return on investment will be? The answer is – you don’t. When we talk to dental providers about negotiating higher fee schedules in their PPO contracts, our free analysis tells them exactly what their return on investment will be. Find out what that could mean for your practice.

If you went out to a restaurant, would you agree to pay a flat rate for your dinner before knowing if your server would be bringing a Porterhouse steak or a McDonald’s cheeseburger? If you wanted a vacation, would you hand over money for an airplane ticket before you knew where it was going?

Some people are comfortable with risk, but if you’re like me, when you spend money on something, you want to know what you’re getting in return. When I started PPO Advisors, l adopted a business model built on total transparency, one where customers would know exactly what they get in exchange for what they pay.

PPO Advisors is the only firm in the industry that operates this way. To me, it’s the only fair and ethical approach. To be honest, it’s also good business. Before potential clients make a commitment, they see what the return on their investment (ROI) will be and decide if it’s worth it. Since the average ROI is about 400%*, they mostly decide it’s worth it. Our approach is unusual – some might say a little crazy – so let me explain how it works.

Free Analysis Removes the Risk

PPO Advisors helps dental practices profitably navigate PPOs by negotiating higher fee schedules and closing loopholes that let insurers pay less than what’s in their contract. I started my business after years of managing dental practices where I spent countless hours trying to understand the office PPO contracts. It took a long time, but eventually I was able to use what I learned to negotiate better terms for our office, and then I did the same for a friend’s office, and eventually I started PPO Advisors. Since then, we’ve helped over 1200 dental practices increase their reimbursements from insurance on average by 20%. We call it working smarter, not harder.

Having managed dental practices, I wanted to make it easy for other managers to see the value of what we do. Since I was confident in our service, I offered potential clients a free analysis.

My definition of “free analysis” is a little different than what most people have come to expect. At PPO Advisors, “free analysis” means we actually do all of the work to negotiate higher fee schedules for a potential client up front. It takes about 4-6 weeks, but when we’re done, our team meets with the potential client and walks through the increases we’ve already negotiated on their behalf with the major carriers in their PPO contracts. We don’t say things like “we think” or “we expect.” We say “this is the fee schedule Insurance Company A has agreed to, and here is the increased fee schedule for Insurance Company B.” Then we calculate the increased revenue their practice will see based on the higher reimbursements. On the low end, our clients see an annual increase of $40,000 from higher insurance payments. For multiple providers, the average increase is closer to $100,000.

Given the increases, it’s not surprising that potential clients become actual clients. At that point, they can choose from three pricing options based on the level of service they’d like to receive going forward.

Not Afraid to Put Skin in the Game

PPO Advisors is the only firm in the industry to deliver this level of commitment, detail and transparency upfront. While our fee is based on a percentage of the increases we’ve negotiated, our competitors charge a flat fee that doesn’t provide any information about what their ROI will be. That means you are writing a check for an unknown return. You might get served a filet mignon, a burger on a bun, or get sent home hungry.

At PPO Advisors, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients and we’re not afraid to put skin in the game. We take the time to understand all the specifics of your practice and don’t take the easy route just to rush things through. We do it that way because our clients aren’t just our clients – they’re our partners. It’s a relationship built on trust, not just for now, but for the future.

If you’d like to know more about how PPO Advisors can help you get a fair deal in your PPO contracts, contact us today. We’re ready to conduct your free analysis so you can see exactly what your return on investment will be before you’re asked to pay for anything.

*Based on average first year increases of PPO fees for established practices.

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