Credentialing Access Point (CAP)

The credentialing process is often compared to a tooth extraction – very painful! PPO Advisors hascompleted over 12,000 credentialing applications and hard to believe, but we love what we do. At PPO Advisors, we help dental providers wherever they are at in the process. From credentialing to re-credentialing, our Credentialing Access Point (CAP) can help manage the process for you and provide better contracts and fee schedules with all information mapped clearly and efficiently.

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Most dentists do not understand what they are signing. This often means decreased profits, reduces your ability to negotiate your fees in the future and more. The team at PPO Advisors is well versed in the details of your contracts and will take the time to clearly articulate what you are signing. Turning PPOs into profits is what we do for our clients!

Credentialing is a process that each provider (aka dentist) needs to complete to be eligible for participation with insurance companies in various networks. The process includes completing detailed paperwork and proof of your education, residency, training, work history, licenses and if applicable, specialty certificates and malpractice history. Each provider is credentialed and then re-credentialed every 2-3 years depending on the contract. After the initial credentialing, providers need to be re-credentialed which includes re-verifying licenses, malpractice history and more. Missing the deadline for re-credentialing can have serious revenue impacts. Providers often choose to have their credentialing and re-credentialing managed by PPO Advisors.

About Credentialing Access Point (CAP)

Imagine an efficient tool that can manage all the moving pieces of your licenses, fee schedules, re-credentialing and more. Credentialing Access Point (CAP) is that tool! PPO Advisors created CAP to help the dental industry streamline their credentialing and re-credentialing requirements.

CAP Access Levels:

Service Essential Access Ultimate Access Ultimate Access Plus
Fee schedules
Re-credentialing dates
Manages entire dental team
Multiple locations
Deadline reminders
CAP tool support
Re-credentialing applications
Ongoing support from PPO Advisors team

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