Our team has over 110 years of experience in the dental industry and extensive experience working with insurance participation. We understand the importance of managing your insurance involvement in a way that best fits your dental practice and future goals. PPO Advisors have worked hard to build and maintain relationships with insurance companies and their representatives. Thanks to these relationships, we are able to ensure future successful negotiations that will continue to increase our client’s revenue. We are proud to be the only PPO management company that offers a free PPO analysis with negotiations being done up front. This no risk assessment proves the ROI of our services before dental practices pay a cent.

PPO Advisors is proud of our work, reputation and results that have increased revenue for dental practices by tens of thousands of dollars across the nation. We are thankful for our continued growth and look forward to providing our PPO services to dental practices that want to work smarter and not harder!

Did you know? According to the ADA and Dental Economics:
of dental practices participate with more than three major PPOs
million Americans have private dental plans
is national average write off for PPOs


Free PPO Analysis

Paying for services before you know how they will benefit your dental practice doesn’t make sense. This is why we offer a free PPO analysis to show if we can help improve your PPO payouts by. PPO Advisors is the only PPO management company offering this risk-free analysis that doesn't involve up-front negotiations.

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Industry Experience

PPO Advisors Founder, Shelley DeGroff, has over 15 years of experience working with dental insurance providers. She started PPO Advisors in 2013, formerly Integrative Dental Solutions (IDS), and has grown her team with dental industry experts. The PPO Advisors team has over 110 years of combined experience – let their expertise help turn your PPOs into profit!

Ongoing Support Managed In-house

The team at PPO Advisors understands the complexities of PPOs and is truly your partner. We provide you with ongoing support throughout and beyond our deliverables. Every client receives a dedicated Project Manager that is available and responsive to your needs. Unlike our competitors, we do not refer you to a third party because we are proud of our work and the relationships we have with our clients and want to continue supporting you.

How to Convince Your Boss

We have created a guide to help you convince your boss! The guide shows your boss how much additional revenue renegotiated PPO contracts can add to his/her bottom line. To get these numbers, start by contacting us for a free PPO analysis and we will provide you with a clear ROI for our services.

Convince your boss guide

Our Team

At PPO Advisors, we couldn’t be prouder of our team! They understand how a dental practice operates thanks to their combined 110+ years of dental industry experience. Their dedication and professionalism to our clients can be seen in everything they do! Our team is located throughout the United States to support our clients regardless of location or time zone.

PPO Advisors’ talented and hardworking team:

Our History

  • 2005

    Shelley DeGroff commences career as a dental assistant.

  • 2006

    Shelley moved into insurance coordinator position for private dental practice

  • 2008

    Eureka! Shelley renegotiates PPO contracts at private dental practice and watches revenue grow.

  • 2010

    Shelley begins consulting for other dental practices to renegotiate their dental contracts

  • 2013

    Shelley founded Integrative Dental Services (IDS), dedicated to credentialing and renegotiating PPO contracts for dental practices.

  • 2013-2019

    (key hires/growth of company/client numbers)

  • 2019

    Name changes to PPO Advisors

  • 2020

    PPO Advisors hires 2 team members to meet growing demand

  • 2021

    PPO Advisors hires 4 additional team members


We want to make sure that every PPO Advisors client sees a return on investment (ROI) for our services before they spend a cent. By putting ‘skin in the game’ we also have confidence that we can bring exponential value to our clients. If we can’t – they don’t pay for our services.

Each dental practice operates slightly different and therefore, who we work with tends to change. Typically, we work directly with the main decision maker or the person in charge of insurance. However, we also with work multiple people to ensure that we have gathered the correct information and communicated the results clearly to the entire team.

We have three different options after providing you with our analysis findings. Once the report is complete, we will provide your office with a detailed pricing sheet so you know exactly what options and fees are available for your practice based on the changes you would like to implement.

Since 2013 although there is some confusion because we changed our name in 2019 to PPO Advisors. Rest assured, we are the same team of PPO dental experts!

No, it would not be ethical if we were. Our success is made possible by our 110+ years of dental industry knowledge, PPO experience and relationships that we have formed with insurance providers. We are completely independent and therefore, able to negotiate on your behalf without competing interests.

No, we are not. We work with and have DSO clients but are not owned or affiliated by them.