Janet’s passion for the dental industry is rooted in her belief that dentists play an important role in communities by providing better health and brighter smiles.

Her 20 years of experience include working as a dental assistant, a surgical assistant, a treatment coordinator and an office manager.

Even with all of her experience Janet says it’s been surprising to learn the different strategies PPO’s use to get the upper hand with dental providers. As an office manager, she didn’t have the time it would have taken to understand all the ins and outs of the office’s PPO contract, so she appreciates the role she can play now to help dental providers be profitable.

As an Implementation Specialist, Janet is committed to excellence and applies her knowledge and experience to make sure transitions go smoothly for each of the dental providers with whom she works. Her biggest tip for clients: all you need to do is ask because the PPO Advisor team is committed to your satisfaction.

Janet lives in Monroe, Georgia, a rural community an hour East of Atlanta. In her free time, she loves to cook, read mysteries, and spend quiet time outdoors. Janet is married and has three sons ages 21-6, who are a constant source of inspiration and amazement. Janet always strives to learn and grow, and embraces a quote from an ancient Chinese philosopher who said, “Just when the caterpillar thought it was over, it became a butterfly.”