When Jessica was in high school, she decided she wanted to work in the dental industry, so she applied for a job at the office of a husband-and-wife dental practice.

Even though she had no experience, they hired Jessica and trained her to be their dental assistant. She loved the work and later graduated to office manager. Jessica’s career in the dental industry continued and she is grateful to the couple she began working for and with whom she is still friends today.

Jessica joined PPO Advisors in 2020, with 14 years of industry experience, and she firmly believes every dentist deserves to benefit from the services they provide. Back when she was an office manager, Jessica never knew she could negotiate fees, even when she didn’t like the fee schedules she was offered. Now she relishes the opportunity to help dental offices all over the country achieve their business goals and run more profitably.

One of the things Jessica loves most about her job is getting to talk with clients out East, up North, in the West, and the South. She enjoys learning about their different needs and the personalities of each office.

Jessica lives in rural Mississippi near Pickwick Lake, a popular vacation destination. She is married and has two young boys who are active in 4H and sports. Family activities include camping, fishing, and hiking.

Jessica gives credit for her work ethic to her grandmother who taught her early on – wherever you work, treat it like it’s your own business and people will appreciate you.