When she started working at PPO Advisors in 2018, Keely said it was a real eye-opener.

Up until then, she didn’t realize the impact PPOs could have on a practice’s income. She was even more surprised to see how much of a revenue increase her team could secure for clients. Keely quickly came to love helping dentists find better financial solutions for their future. She finds her clients are always eager to learn and, like herself, are surprised when they find out how the insurance business really works.

Keely describes herself as a numbers-person with a tendency towards type-A perfectionism. It turns out both traits have been a plus as she quickly mastered the work, giving extra attention to all the details. As a former small business owner, she takes seriously the responsibility she has to make sure everything is done right for her clients.

Keely is a fitness buff, having earned a Bachelor degree in Exercise Science from Nebraska Wesleyan University. Previously, she and her husband owned and operated a fitness club, but now she just works out for fun and good health. The couple have two high school age daughters and, depending on the season, travel with them to either volleyball or softball games.

As a 15 + year cancer survivor, Keely doesn’t take anything for granted. She is grounded by her faith and inspired by her family to always strive to be her best.