Shelley never planned to be an entrepreneur, but after years of working in a dental office she decided dentists needed a place to go for help to get a fair deal from PPOs.

As the office manager for a private practice, Shelley had undertaken the painstaking work necessary to really understand the office’s PPO contract. When she used that knowledge to negotiate better terms for her office, she quickly saw revenues go up. After two years of helping other dental practices do the same, she realized how great the demand was for her services. In 2013 she left her job and dedicated herself full-time to PPO Advisors. Now the practice where she worked is one of many clients her firm helps to increase profits by negotiating better PPO contracts.

Shelley grew up on a farm in rural Nebraska and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, majoring in Agriculture, Leadership, Education and Communication (ALEC). Shelley’s success has been powered by her strong work ethic and an integrity-based approach to business.

One of the things Shelley loves most about her job is leveling the playing field for her clients so they can earn more by working smarter, not harder. She also appreciates the opportunity she’s had as a business owner to build a dedicated team drawing on the wealth of dental and insurance industry talent in small towns and rural communities. PPO Advisors allows staff to work remotely, giving her employees the ability to avoid long commutes and strike a healthy work-life balance.

Nothing is more important to Shelley than the time she spends with her husband and four children on their farm near Ithaca, Nebraska, where they raise beef and poultry. If you’ve enjoyed a rotisserie chicken from Costco, there’s a good chance it came from Shelley’s farm.