Stephanie joined PPO Advisors in 2016 after a 17-year career working for an insurance company.

She describes insurance as an ever-changing industry and knows it’s a struggle for her clients when they don’t understand how PPO networks work and are unaware of options they have to make changes to their contract.

As Director of Operations, Stephanie oversees PPO Advisors’ three stage process for client – intake, analysis and finalizing. Stephanie is also responsible for ensuring that the implementation of all changes is completed accurately. She enjoys the challenge of the work and likes seeing the results PPO Advisors is able to get for clients.

Stephanie also loves being part of the PPO Advisors team and the flexibility her job affords her. After years of commuting, Stephanie now works from her home in rural Missouri and she says the work-life balance she now enjoys has made her a more effective employee and a better mom.

Away from work, Stephanie is all about her family and she can often be found cheering courtside at one of her two son’s basketball games. The sport is a big part of family life since Stephanie’s husband also coaches the high school basketball team. Not only does Stephanie help out with team activities, she also serves on the board for the high school Booster Club.

Whether at a basketball game or working with clients, Stephanie believes that when you have a great team, everyone succeeds.