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Shelley DeGroff, Founder of PPO Advisors

If you’ve been looking for the PPO management company Integrated Dental Solutions, IDS, IDS PPO, or IDS PPO Advisors, look no further. You’ve found us. Since 2020 we’ve been doing business as simply PPO Advisors. The change was a natural evolution. When the business first launched in 2013, IDS was shorthand for Integrative Dental Solutions. The full name was accurate, albeit a mouthful, so for the first few years we ended up going by IDS PPO.

We made PPO management the focus of our business when we realized that’s where dental providers needed the most help. As we homed in on helping providers with PPO negotiations, eventually we found ourselves leaning more and more on the PPO part of our name. We wanted to be easy to find, so we dropped IDS and slimmed our name down to PPO Advisors. 

While our name has been trimmed, we’ve increased and improved PPO Advisors’ service offerings.

Expanded Team Facilitates PPO Negotiations – Since 2020 we have tripled our workforce to meet the growing demand for our services. Our team members are highly knowledgeable and come with a mix of real-world experience in dental practice management and insurance. 

Proprietary Credentialing Software – We took our knowledge of credentialing and used it to develop automation software to simplify the process for our clients. Our Credentialing Access Point (CAP) is an efficient tool that eliminate errors and streamlines the experience, saving your team potentially hundreds of hours.

Proprietary Analysis Software ­– We developed software tools that can quickly and efficiently extract relevant information from your practice management software, and then parse the information to provide crucial insights. The software eliminates errors and allows us to deliver quicker and more accurate analyses to our clients. 

PPO Advisors biggest achievement has been to continuously maintain the highest standard of service to a constantly expanding customer base. We have enhanced our customer service while simultaneously increasing our capacity to work with a large number of clients. We are dedicated to helping providers successfully navigate the complex world of dental insurance. We make sure that no one is missed, and nothing falls between the cracks. Our business operations are humming, and I couldn’t be prouder of our team or more appreciative of our clients. 

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