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Maximize Insurance Company Reimbursements

If you choose to stay in-network with an insurance company, you need to be prepared to negotiate. In this episode of The Art of Dental Finance and Management podcast, Art meets with Shelley DeGroff, Founder and CEO of PPO Advisors, to discuss how you can maximize insurance reimbursements for your dental practice.
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🦷 What to Expect?

✅ Invaluable insights for any dental provider, whether a startup, acquisition, or long-standing practice
✅ A deep dive into the nuances of credentialing and insurance company dealings
✅ Tips on navigating the ‘Most Favored Nations’ clause and its impact on your practice
✅ Discover why credentialing is more than just filling out an application
✅ Understand the crucial role of credentialing in your practice’s future
✅ Learn how to leverage your position when negotiating with insurance companies

💼 Why It’s a Must-Watch:

✅ Learn how a free PPO analysis can transform your practice’s profitability
✅ Understand how to interpret your 12-month insurance history for better decisions
✅ Get a sneak peek into the negotiation process for more favorable fee schedules
✅ Never settle for the first fee schedule offer
✅ Utilize your unique position as a new contract holder for better terms
✅ Recognize the long-term impact of your credentialing choices

🌟 No Commitment, Just Valuable Knowledge:

✅ Aimed at empowering providers with the right information to grow their business
✅ Tailored advice for both new and experienced practitioners
✅ Open invitation to all dental professionals seeking guidance on their next steps
✅ Gain valuable knowledge to make informed decisions
✅ Understand the importance of thorough research and negotiation in credentialing
✅ Transform your approach to insurance contracts for optimal success

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